Year: 2011
Players:  2-4
Playing time: 20min
Age: 6+

This board game was bought years ago for my niece. She was around 5 years old, when I first played this game with her. Last time, was last Christmas (2019) and she is already 11 years old and we still enjoyed the game.

The game is against time. Players play in pairs to guide monsters fall in a trap (a hole in the middle of the board). One monster at the time. To achieve this, the players utilize the board sliders.  The pairs are rotating, so one player plays with two other persons.

The pair that has guided the most monsters into the trap is the best monster catcher, and therefore wins the game.

The board game has innovative game mechanics, and unquestionably allows children (and adults) to practice gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and verbal communication skills.

For more information visit boardgamegeek or watch the review from Tom Vasel.

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Monster Trap: a board game for the family promoting teamwork
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