Last summer we needed to create a video related to our umaze, so we wanted some air footage above a labyrinth. We looked at the , and for Finland we only found two locations: one in Kemi and one in Porvoo. Below are photos how the labyrinth locator presents these locations:

None of these locations was ideally located close to us in order to film them, because our office is located in Turku. This means approx 720 kms to reach Kemi and approx. 215 kms to arrive in Porvoo. Nevertheless, we found another labyrinth close by, in the archipielago area, and we will write about this in another post. We were convinced there was not a physical labyrinth close by to our home-office.

Our home-office is adjacent to Urheilupuisto Park. We had anchored a umaze here, which we use for our development. One day, months after our search of a labyrinth to be filmed, walking in one of the corners of the park, guess what did we discover? A labyrinth!

Labyrinth at Urheilupuisto Park, view from the running path.


Labyrinth at Urheilupuisto Park view from the top of the park


We have had a  physical labyrinth a walking distance from us. We had walked through this park many times testing the improvements of umaze and we haven’t seen this labyrinth. One day, by accident,  we step on it. Also the labyrinth is a little bit hidden, as you can see in the following screenshots:

The next step is to gather some information about its history:  when was this labyrinth built? Who built it? Why this labyrinth typology? Which material was used? What is the history behind it if any?  I know many questions.  Time to contact the city of Turku and get some answers. We will share our findings in the part 2 of this labyrinth.

It is amazing how many mazes and labyrinths are close by to us!

Discovering a labyrinth at Urheilupuisto Park, Turku (part 1) 
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