Our discovery, which is shared in this blogpost, goes back to October 28, 2020. We should start by clarifying that Turku has many green areas in the city and its outskirts. Hence, it is easy to have pleasant strolls and hikes close by. Then, one Wednesday after work we walked towards Luolavuoren kukkula (in English it means: the Cave mountain hill). 

Luolavuori is actually a district in Turku. It is located to the southeast of the city center, and is mainly parkland, where one can find different rocky formations . The highest point of the Luolavuori is 65m above sea level. What makes this Luolavuoren kukkula famous is its cave, as we can see from the reportage from the Finnish broadcast YLE. If you are walking the easy-to-see landmark is the water tower.

Hence we reached the hill and walked until the top. From here we can see a wonderful view of the city. 


While enjoying the view, voilà we found another beauty: a labyrinth.


As it was getting dark, we agreed to return the next day to properly see the labyrinth and walk through it. Next day was beautiful and we were there to visit the labyrinth. 


Still we need to learn to understand or analyze the structure or classifications of labyrinths. There is no information about this labyrinth at all, and we will be asking to the city as well as we already requested information about the labyrinth in Urheilupuisto Park

The labyrinth is well taken care of, and perhaps a little narrow for a carefree walk. In any case it has been an discovery.  


You can have a better feeling of the walk if you watch the following video.  

After walking through the labyrinth we we will tell you what we did in a following post.

This story will continue…

Discovering a labyrinth at Luolavuoren kukkula, Turku.
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