In April we were informed that umaze was one of the 30 teams that passed to the semi-finals. The real work started at this moment. Transforming ideas to concept, requires an effort!

In about approx. 2.5 months we needed to produce a prototype among other requirements for the submission of this phase. Hence, we decided to focus our efforts in the following: (1) development and (2) study of the market / business model. During this period we had two mentors who were FANTASTIC ( Fabrice TESTA, Piotr BUCKI ) During this period we developed our first online survey, from which we learned a lot!

Additionally, we continue to be astonished of all the information we are constantly finding related to mazes and labyrinths. A complete new world for us!

The submission of this phase for #MyGalileoApp competition included a short video, which we enjoyed producing. You can see part of it in this below.

Chapter 2: From an idea to a prototype
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