In March 2019, the team behind umaze saw the announcement of #MyGalileoApp competition. As a team, we had been working in ubium, developing location-based applications over a decade. That means we started the development of location-based applications before the presence of android and iOS phones in the market. We started with Nokia phones back in 2007.

In all these years, we’ve seen different services and applications emerge utilizing GPS and other technologies. Hence, when we decided to apply for this competition, we wanted to focus on the strength of Galileo Satellite Network: its accuracy.

Here is a video of the strengths of Galileo:

Umaze‘s idea is simple and powerful. We build upon the human passion of mazes and we allow anyone with a Galileo-enabled phone to create and enjoy their personal mazes. We use Galileo-enabled phones because to walk through the hallways of a maze precision is mandatory.

Chapter 1. The idea of umaze
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